Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Bob Dylan Getaway

Fancy yourself a serious Bob Dylan fan?

Looking for an opportunity to discuss 'America's Bard' with other Dylan aficionados in a beautiful setting?

Who isn't?

Well, author on all things Bob Dylan Michael Gray is offering an extraordinary opportunity to chat about Bob Dylan in his home in southwest France. Michael Gray has written several Dylan-related works including the well reviewed (and still in print) Bob Dylan Encyclopedia.

Though you would have to get to Gray's home on your own, he provides a room in his home for the weekend, breakfasts, dinners (with regional wines), and (most importantly) will hold two intimate discussions of Dylan's music, to be complemented by Gray's music collection if need be. Possible topics of conversation include "Dylan & the Blues; Dylan & Rock’n’roll; Dylan's Use of the Bible; Dylan & Plagiarism; Dylan & Literary Culture; Dylan On Tour; Dylan Bootlegs."

Originally, there were three weekends available, but one has already booked up, so if you are interested you better get your reservation in sooner rather than later. The available weekends are: May 4 to May 6 and June 15 - June 17. The cost is £399 or £599 for a couple.

For more information, go to Michael Gray's site, or drop him an email. Let him know Spoony sent you (I don't receive a commission, but I'd love to hear that someone found out about this on account of my blog)!

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  1. Wonderful stuff, Spoony, as always: such a joy to read, and presented so well. Love it! X Jazzy


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